Chairman of the Executive Board, IDMIB

Turkey exports to nearly 200 countries with 1.5 billon USD export value and is respectfully considered as one of the leading exporters and producers of leather and leather products all around the World. Increasing our export capacity and production are our primal objects.

The leather garment industry, which is one of the most important sector for leather and leather products, was the highest value-added product groups of the leather industry with a 19,4% share in the total leather exports and a sum of 295 million USD to 65 countries in 2017. As Istanbul Leather and Leather Products Exporters’ Association (IDMIB), the most important representative of the leather sector, we concentrate on design and promotion while focusing on the efforts to achieve a permanent increase in the exports. Focusing on sustainable export, we realized three different cluster projects with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

One of these projects includes ‘Leather Garment Cluster in New Markets & Targets’, which consists of 23 members. We firmly believe that our companies in the leather garment cluster will ultimately empower their institutional structures with the activities to be performed and the consultancy to be taken; they will adapt to today’s trends in the best way and increase their competitive power, leading to new markets with advanced strategies. We dearly wish that our leather garment cluster, which will last three years with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy, would be a success story for the whole sector and for the cluster members. We also present to you the cluster members and their invaluable leather garment products and sincerely invite you to discover the potential of the Turkish leather industry, especially the leather garment sector that we are extremely proud of.